STARK at Foothills Art Center / by Monique Crine

GOLDEN, CO, April 19, 2010—Foothills Art Center explores both the everyday and remarkable qualities of our culture, society, and its people through the lens of Stark. An exhibition of photography, painting, drawing, video and site-specific installation, Stark is an examination, neither romantic or austere, of what our world looks like when stripped of color and its associations.

Each participating artist brings his or her own unique interpretation of this concept. Photographer Chris Perez presents his subjects purely, without embellishment, and through direct eye contact with the viewer. His subjects say look at me without pretense. Monique Crine’s monumental oil paintings accentuate the beauty found in a private moment. Additional artists, including Nathan Abels, Mindy Bray, Steve Legg and others, complete a diverse selection of captivating black and white works.

May 13 – July 3, 2010: Open Mon–Sat, 10 am–5 pm, and Sunday 1–5 pm.