Museum of Boulder Tour & Upcoming Exhibition by Monique Crine

 Monique Crine & Rick George 

Monique Crine & Rick George 

So many thanks to Carolyn Booth, the Director of Development and Communication, for giving Rick and I a tour of Museum of Boulder while its under construction. My upcoming exhibition of paintings chronicling the life of Coach Bill McCartney will show here. More details about the museum can be found at the following link:


studio visit with Rob Francois by Monique Crine

Had a fabulous afternoon with Rob Francois as he visited my studio to see his portraits from my 2015 exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Critical Focus: Monique Crine. The series was titled Eden Prairie

Rob posed for me in Minneapolis, MN as he recovered from an injury sustained during his career as a linebacker for the NFL. He last played for the Green Bay Packers who he won Super Bowl XLV with against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Rob was signed by the Minnesota Vikings as an undrafted free agent in 2009 after playing college football at Boston College. He's now a recruiter for the Kansas City Cheifs. 

Such an incredibly wise and powerful soul. Couldn't have asked for a better subject or friend. 


Photoshoot with Magic Johnson by Monique Crine

I had the unique pleasure of photographing Magic Johnson during his recent visit to Denver, CO. More details about his interest in the mile high city, and his commitment to women and minority owned business, can be found at the following link:

KVAL, Channel 13, Eugene, Oregon features Scrimmage in Sports Broadcast! by Monique Crine

 KVAL Sports Broadcast on  FRIDAY, JULY 29TH 2016

KVAL Sports Broadcast on FRIDAY, JULY 29TH 2016

Eugene's local news did a feature on the Scrimmage exhibition currently up at the University of Oregon, which features my painting of my dad, Richard, 1961

As mentioned in the article accompanying the video:

The work ranges from a 1857 wood engraving by Winslow Homer to recent works by contemporary artists Monique Crine, Shaun Leonardo, Catherine Opie and William Wylie.

To watch the full video please follow the link:

CU/University of Oregon Game by Monique Crine

I had an incredible time photographing the University of Colorado, Boulder / Oregon Ducks game in Eugene this past weekend. The resulting photographs will be part of my ongoing work on the American football player. Thrilled to start developing the images upon my return to Denver!

Richard, 1962 to be used for all press material at Scrimmage Exhibition at U of O! by Monique Crine

The staff at the University of Oregon's Schnitzer Museum of Art just emailed me over the first banner they had printed for the exhibition, "Scrimmage: Football in American Art from the Civil War to the Present." And whose painting is the featured image from a show that includes Winslow Homer, Frederic Remington, George Bellows, John Steuart Curry, Thomas Hart Benton, Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, and Catherine Opie? Mine!!! 

I'm so flattered they chose the painting of my father that I did a few years back, which CSU has since acquired. I think my dad is pretty tickled as well.

I'm looking forward to lecturing there in the fall and possibly watching a football game or two with my guy. Too cool! 

Mystery & Narrative at SLATE Contemporary Art in Oakland, CA by Monique Crine

I am thrilled to participate in a group show at SLATE Gallery in Oakland, CA. Details are as follows: 

Per the press release:

Denver artist Monique Crine’s work as a painter is deeply informed by her work as a photographer. On first glance, her paintings give the illusion of the photographs that they are a reference to; but upon closer examination, the subtle brushwork and unique texture of oil on canvas reveals the object’s true identity. This revelation gives a special weight to her scenes, and calls upon us as viewers to question what it means to us that this object before us is a painting rather than a photograph, and could have been invented rather than having the photographic aura of ‘reality.’

The portraits that Crine creates, first in extended photography shoots with her subjects and then on the canvas, are steeped in narrative, informed by mid- twentieth century cinema, film noir, and current media styles. Cheryl, (from Crine’s Burlwood series of familial women), vibrates with drama — from the pained expression the subject is wearing, to the high contrast shadows that shroud her, to the over-the-top vintage movie poster that the subject seems to emerge from: “SHE GAVE HER SOUL TO SAVE A LIFE!.”

Rob (II) (from Crine’s most recent Eden Prairie series of portraits of professional football players), is similarly posed and composed, but this subject is more guarded behind thick panes of glass that mostly obscure his form and a stubbornly sealed expression. Both portraits offer explorations of archetypes as they play out in the spectrum from fictionalized spectacle to ‘real’ life, as well drawing our attention to the importance of medium to convey a message.

Critical Focus: Monique Crine win's Westword's BEST AESTHETIC RESPONSE TO FOOTBALL by Monique Crine

I was thrilled to learn that I received a nod in Westword's Best of Denver 2016 with my solo show at the MCA. They write:

Critical Focus: Monique Crine filled the lower-level gallery at MCA Denver with big, beautiful portraits of big, handsome guys. The paintings, all of which were specifically created for this exhibit, depicted recently retired professional football players who had been sidelined by injuries. The show was part of the Critical Focus series of exhibits at the MCA, which were meant to highlight the accomplishments of selected emerging artists; this one was put together by curator Nora Burnett Abrams. Crine’s paintings are so accurate in their depictions that at first they look like photos, so it comes as no surprise that she initially photographed the men, then used the resulting shots as preliminary studies for her finished paintings. The photographic quality of the paintings is reinforced by their utterly smooth surfaces, with Crine having expertly manipulated the thinned-out pigments. These portraits, many of them monumental in size, are part of an ongoing Crine series called Eden Prairie, examples of which are currently in a national traveling show.

Rob (I) wins Art of the State 2016 People's Choice 3rd place!! by Monique Crine

My painting, Rob (I), received the People's Choice 3rd place by viewers at the Art of the State 2016 exhibit at the Arvada Center. Curated by Collin Parson, exhibition manager for the Arvada Center, Gwen Chanzit, curator of modern art at the Denver Art Museum, and Michael Chaves, manager of Denver's public art program, this show featured 148 pieces by Colorado artists. Thanks to everyone who voted! x 

Denver Post highlights Rob (I) as part of their review of State of the Art by Monique Crine

Ray Rinadi writes, "We've seen Monique Crine's evocative portraits of football players at the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, and we've marveled at Brenda Biondo's imaginative photographs of folded paper at Goodwin Fine Art. There's a similar familiarity in pieces offered by Phil Bender, Bernice Strawn, Evan Anderman, Sally Stockhold and others.

If you're the occasional art appreciator, there's an opportunity here to catch up. All of the artists above are players whose reputations are sealed, and it's worth knowing them. You might see something you like and follow it up by attending their next solo show across town."

The full article can be read here:

Art of the State reviewed by Michael Paglia of the Westword by Monique Crine

In his review of the Arvada Center's Art of the State Paglia writes, "Monique Crine offers full-color hyperrealism; her luscious oil painting, “Rob (1),” a portrait of a handsome football player, is part of a series on injured athletes that was exhibited at MCA Denver."

A link to the full article can be read here:

Crine Presents Harvard Lecture & Workshop by Monique Crine

Last Thursday I had the pleasure of returning to Harvard to lecture and present a workshop for the third year in a row. The first two years were focused on portraiture, and Thursday's workshop was focused on the rendering of surface texture in oil paint. I feel unbelievably honored and humbled every time I return. Many, many thanks to Ewa Harabasz and the Harvard Graduate School of Design for including among their visiting artists. I so look forward to more visits in the future! Here's a snippet of images from my visit...